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Gasoline Detergent


Used in gasoline engine, it can effectively clean the carburetor, decrease the coke in the nozzle, intake valve and combustion chamber, which could realize the aim of decreasing exhaust emission, saving oil and protecting engine.


Gasoline Stabilization Additive

NS-QG Series

Used for increasing the induction period of gasoline oxidation, improving the stability of gasoline, it possesses the properties of lustration, antioxidation, passivation and dispersion.


Gasoline-Alcohol Corrosion Inhibitor

NS-1060 Series

It possesses excellent performance of anticorrosion and antirust, which can be adsorbed on the metal surface to form the anticorrosive protective film. The product is compatible well with the alcohol fuel without containing materials which may form ash and without harmful compounds like sulfur and phosphorus, and etc.


Diesel Detergent


Used in diesel, it can effectively clean the coke in the oil system, save fuel and decrease exhausting emission.


Diesel Demulsifer

NS-810/820 Series

Used in the demulsification and dehydration of diesel caustic refining in the processing of crude oil with high acid number. it can also inhibit free water into the clean diesel and has obvious effect on demulsification.


Diesel Stabilizer

NS-1050 Series

Added in diesel, it possesses the properties of antioxidation, passivation and dispersion, improves the storage stabilities of straight-run or catalytic diesels, and obviously inhibits discolouring of diesel.


Gel Inhibitor of Diesel

NS-CA Series

It can improve the stability of diesel, inhibit and decrease the forming of diesel colloid.


Pour Point Depressant for Diesel

NS-CJ Series

Used in the production of diesel of various grades, it can decrease the freezing point of diesel and the cold filter plugging point, increase the diesel yield rate, and decrease the dosage of aviation kerosene.


Lubricity Improver of Diesel


It is used to improve the lubricity of diesel in the motor vehicle which uses the low sulfur diesel as fuel.


Diesel Fuel Cetane Improver


It is used for increasing the cetane number of diesel, improving the engine ignition performance and promoting combustion process.


Metal Passivator


It is used to prepare gasoline, jet fuel and lubricant, form chelates with active metal ions, and inhibit the catalytic oxidation on the oil by metal ions.

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