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The use of functional


Cobalt acetate


Devices used in chemical fiber plant PTA unit PX oxidation catalyst

Manganese acetate

Cobalt, manganese liquid catalyst

Antimony Ethylene Glycol


Antimony ethylene glycol is used in the production of new polyester catalyst, the catalyst activity is better than other polyester catalyst, plus more obvious reduction reaction rate of polyester, is the best catalyst for polyester production. More suitable for special sections and membrane bottle grade level sections, as well as the production of differentiated polyester. The application of high ethylene glycol antimony, catalytic activity, and therefore can use any of antimony acetate, antimony trioxide as a catalyst for the device can operate in any environment without changing the use of highly efficient catalyst under the conditions of ethylene glycol antimony. Ethylene glycol production of antimony in the polyester is a very high catalytic activity, product quality is very good catalyst for a new type of polyester.

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